Monday, 7 August 2017

The Critical Thinking friends and partners page. :D

Friends? Partners? With friends like these, Who needs more! :D 

Konnichiwa! Yo what's up? Hola! And Gday! :D

It's been a few snacks between blogs so we thought this write up about us on the Critical Thinking friends page would be a good one to start with. 

We met these guys on a dark and gloomy night in the back streets of Shibuya. Rick the Wasabi wizard stopped me and asked for a light...

Naw guys! These are the Fantastic 4 that make up the Critical Thinking, Texas based masters of the podcast disaster! :) 

We work together to share the love and candy. If you want some sweet ear loving, tune into their podcasts here: 

And if you want some sweet mouth candy then get your fix here: 
we don't bite but you will. ;)

Anyway, back to the point, we have been exposed and here is who we are! transcript below. 

Don't hate me because I'm a Vampire Lord or Aussie, I'm here in the heart of Tokyo, fighting the good fight to bring you the best of Japan's snacks and candy and searching for that one munchie that will blow your mind! :D 

Kyle, Dark Lord

of Tokyo Munchies!

Legend has it, that deep in the harsh wilderness of Australia, an ancient clan of vampires reigned in darkness over all the land. From their ranks emerged  a mighty conqueror who would bring peace and reconciliation through sharing his delicious snacks. This mighty vampire lord was Kyle Hartshorn. After converting his people to the ways of peaceful coexistence with mortal man, Kyle chose to leave his ancient fatherland and journey to Japan, where he hoped to follow the whispers to snacks of even greater, legendary power. He was not disappointed. And so he founded Tokyo Munchies to combat the global forces of evil, one happily munching customer at a time. Now for your enjoyment and the appeasement of your warring appetite, click to Tokyo Munchies and experience the bliss of legendary snackage! 

So, drop by and say hello, listen to Critical Thinking while munching your munchies and have a great day! :D 

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Japanese DIY Candy Kits

Japanese DIY Candy kits - Play with your food! ^^

You know how your parents always tell you don't play with your food?
Well with Krachie and Heart DIY candy kits that's more then encouraged, it's a must! :D
Most of us have seen them before, the super cute and cool make your own candy kits, but we're gonna look at some of the cooler ones today. :)

First up is the mini burger meal. 

This one actually is not sweet candy, something more along the savory line. Same as making any other kit. Mix the magic powder with water, knead, push into the molds and shape. But with this one you need to use the microwave to bake your mini buns. :)

After baking, slice and prepare your burger, fries and soda.
Amazingly this tastes exactly like a cheeseburger meal from you know who. ;)
Definitely put this one on your ' To Do ' list. :)

Next up a real simple and fun one to make, Crayon Shin Chan fake beer!

Crayon Shin Chan is a famous cartoon show pretty much like the Simpsons, but Japanese and Japanese. ^^
This fake beer kit is more than just easy to make, it's super cool!
Each pack comes with a sweet little plastic beer mug parodying one of the major Japanese beer companies, ( four different mugs to collect ) and is so easy to make it's child's play! Though, we don't endorse children making beer or drinking it. :)
Just prepare some ice water, add the magical, mythical powder to the mug, slowly pour in your ice water and watch as it changes into a lovely frothy ice cold candy beer.
Enjoy it with your Mini Burger Meal. :D

Lastly, for desserts you're gonna want something sweet, so it's cake time! The DIY Dessert kit is the winner here! 

Make a cake, ice cream or a pie! Super easy and simple to make. If you can handle the Mini Burger Meal kit then this one is a....Piece of cake! :D Same as above, just mix your magic powder with water, shape it, mold it, press it in the try then decorate! Done! :)

So there's your 3 course meal done in DIY kits! :D we'll bring you another one soon but till them, make, bake, shake and create! :D


Minami Toyama
Tokyo Munchies

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Japanese Potato Shortage!!!

Japan Potato Crisis! 

Run for the hills! Or at least a potato farm! It's a zombie apocalypse out there! Oo

Bare shelves, people shuffling from aisle to aisle, an insatiable thirst for crunchy chip goodness...
So heralds the dawning of the Great Japanese Potato Shortage!

When devastating typhoons unleashed their fury upon the potato farms of Japan no one really saw what would happen next, a shortage of potatoes nation wide with far reaching repercussions from the humblest chip factories to mega beasts like McDonald's!

What was once a given is now all for naught. The simple act of picking up your favourite crispy snack is gone, GONE I TELL YOU!!!

Prices have skyrocketed, grown men in suits weep on the streets, the nice old toothless lady with the small vegetable shop wipes back tears and remembers the good old days.

So is and so far reaching the effects of a frisky storm on a nation.

The only thing we can do is unite and stand together as one. There will be a day when this will just be a memory and we can all look back and say ' I was there, I survived! '

History is the best teacher and we should all take the time to learn from our past...
Till then, I'll be guarding my small potato garden with hope of a bountiful harvest and the seeds of a new future.

Till next time, and keep your chips close!

Arigatou! ^^ 

Tokyo Munchies

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

An Introduction to Japanese snacks and candy. ^^

Umaibo、うまいぼ,  Delicious Stick.

So, we'd like to take you on a fun and educational tour of Japanese snacks and candy. :)
Tokyo Munchies

To start with we're going for a staple and traditional favourite, the mighty Umaibo!

The Umaibo is a corn puff treat. Basically a hollow stick of corn puff, pretty similar to most corn puff chips but single serve, around 6 inches long and comes in a range of almost 20 different flavours.
Pizza, Cheese, Vegetable Salad, Corn Potage, Salami, etc. Also traditional Japanese flavours like Mentai, Teriyaki and Shrimp Mayonnaise.

Released last year was our personal favourite, the ' Premium Umaibo! ' :D
Longer and stronger and a lot more yummier! ^^

The Premium Umaibo comes in 3 unique flavours. Wasabi Steak, Cheese Camembert and Mentai.
If you've tried normal Umaibo then you have to do yourself a favour and level up to the Premium, trust me, it's worth it! :D

Umaibo are super versatile too. You can just munch it, crush it and eat it in a sandwich, crush it and add it to a salad or as a topping on a pizza. ^^

If you've done any of these then please feel free to post pics on our facebook page or share them with us here on twitter.

We'd love to see your creations and will be making our own too. You will see them here soon on pinterest,

So, hope the Umaibo introduction was helpful and stay tuned for our next Japanese snacks and candy intro. ^^


Minami Toyama
You got munchies? We got munchies!

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas


12 Days of Christmas continues! :D

So, on the second day of Christmas Tokyo Munchies gave to me, Pure Gummy Candy! ^^
Pure gummy candy is just another reason we love Japanese candy.
Soft, sweet, slightly chewy and bursting with flavour! Pure is, well pure Japanese gummy candy at its best!

With a wide range of flavours such as grape, green apple and pineapple there's something sweet and chewy just for you. ^^
Pure also come in seasonal packages and rare limited anime cross over packaging too. :D

Jump in for a good, sweet time today with Pure!

Tokyo Munchies! ^^ 

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas!

So lets start the 12 Days of Christmas candy count down!
On the first day of Christmas Tokyo Munchies gave to me, awesome Umaibos! :D

Umaibo is one of the most loved Japanese snacks! " Umai " means tasty or delicious and " bo " means stick.
So together that's delicious stick! :D

These corn puffed sticks of goodness are awesome! With more then 10 different flavours available ranging from Pizza to Takoyaki there's a flavour for everyone!

As well, there's seasonal Premium flavours too like Wasabi Steak, Camembert Cheese and Mentai.

Cheap and morerish they make the perfect snack on the go or something to just sit down and munch out on.
Try some today, everyone needs delicious sticks in their life. :)

Till next time!

You got munchies? We got munchies! :D

Tokyo Munchies 

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

12 Days of Christmas

Konnichiwa! ^^

Thanks everyone for a great year and thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to us. :)

So we're counting down till Christmas and the best way we think, is to give you our 12 Days of Christmas salute to all the awesome Japanese candy that has come and gone over the last year.

This is going to be a fun walk down candy lane so join us as we kick of Tokyo Munchies 12 Days of Christmas!

See you soon! ^^


Minami Toyama
Tokyo Munchies

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